The Why

Lately, as the term tapers off to an end and we start to prepare for term four I've been reflecting on my "why." I can't believe that as I sit here typing this we have one more term to go until, after another year, we farewell our students and look forwards to the anticipation of … Continue reading The Why

Practice makes perfect

This blog comes from the work of Kath Murdoch and Trevor MacKenzie. It is not my work but rather a compilation of important points from reading The Power of Inquiry.   9 inquiry practices to implement in your classroom today.   Start with questioning your practice How well do I know my students as people? Do I know … Continue reading Practice makes perfect

OLJ Task 14: Managing your Digital Identity

Based on your reading of the items from the above list, think about online identity in relation to both individuals and organisations: What is important in terms of how we present and manage those identities online? What can we share with the online world and what should we keep private? Summarise important issues around online … Continue reading OLJ Task 14: Managing your Digital Identity