5 digital texts to use in your classroom

Early Years ABC Education has produced a series of digital books for children on a range of topics. The text being analysed is ‘Growing Up in the Early 1900s’ and is a series of chapters including videos and text and highlights key aspects of life for a child in the 1900s. The text is recommended … Continue reading 5 digital texts to use in your classroom

Assignment 2 Critical Reflection

Lamb, Parrot and Usher all provide varying view points on what makes a good digital text (Lamb, 2011; Parrott, 2011; Usher, 2016). While comparing different types of text Lamb provided an overview of the varying types of text a reader may come across when exploring digital texts. Interactive journalism, eBooks and transmedia story telling are … Continue reading Assignment 2 Critical Reflection

Assignment 2 Digital Text 3

The Life Without Power is an interactive journalism article which reports on life in Puerto Rico without power since Hurricane Maria (Hernández, Leaming, & Murphy, 2017). It includes sound, visuals, text and interactive features throughout and provides an immersive experience for the reader. Lamb labels Life Without Power as transmedia story telling which includes a … Continue reading Assignment 2 Digital Text 3