three quarters gone

It's such a strange thing to feel as though I have almost been at St Luke's a full twelve months. The job advertisements have just started for the 2019 school year (and yes you should apply) and it is a bizarre feeling to think that in a few weeks time we will begin the orientation … Continue reading three quarters gone

Part A: Context INF533

Life of Rosie is a fiction text aimed at meeting the needs of stage 1 students. The digital text was developed with the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) syllabus in mind (NSW PDHPE Syllabus 2018). The audience is children aged six to eight although can be made adaptable to children in early stage … Continue reading Part A: Context INF533

Part C: Critical Reflection INF533

My learning throughout the subject of INF533 has allowed a deeper focus on digital texts and the literature that is present in digital environments. The overall theme of the modules flowed seamlessly from knowledge acquisition to an understanding of the practical components associated with digital literature. In my initial reflections on the discussion forum I … Continue reading Part C: Critical Reflection INF533

Critical Reflection INF536

INF536 has provided me with learning opportunities associated with the design of learning spaces. In the first module this resonated with me, “design provides the vehicle to invent that story, and understanding of its rules of thumb will help us design ever-better spaces for learning (Wall, 2018).” This quote exemplifies my understanding and growth throughout … Continue reading Critical Reflection INF536