EMU – more than mathematical understanding

For the past two years I've had the privilege of working with 6 students to 'extend their mathematical understanding.' Previously I wrote a blog on relational understanding in comparison to instrumental understanding. You can read it here. As I come to the end half of the program, I've now reached an interesting point. Students are … Continue reading EMU – more than mathematical understanding

Relational Understanding or Instrumental Understanding

This year I have commenced training to become a mathematics specialist teacher, specifically called an Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) teacher. Through this program there has been a requirement to engage in professional reading. One of the professional readings came from the Richard Skemp, Relational Understanding or Instrumental Understanding (1976). This reading struck me for a … Continue reading Relational Understanding or Instrumental Understanding

A new year, a new role.

Extending mathematical understanding (EMU) is a mathematical intervention program utilised in a number of dioceses around Australia. The aim of the program is to accelerate student growth while diagnosing students' mathematical difficulties Gervasoni (2012). In the past five weeks I have been getting to know my stage two students for the year but also getting … Continue reading A new year, a new role.