Whose image is it anyway?

I wrote this reflection during our 2020 staff spirituality day and came across it again recently. _______________________ I was recently asked to reflect on my image of God causing this slightly different blog post. As I sat in a large room, people shared about how their image had been sculpted over time to form their … Continue reading Whose image is it anyway?

Relational Understanding or Instrumental Understanding

This year I have commenced training to become a mathematics specialist teacher, specifically called an Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) teacher. Through this program there has been a requirement to engage in professional reading. One of the professional readings came from the Richard Skemp, Relational Understanding or Instrumental Understanding (1976). This reading struck me for a … Continue reading Relational Understanding or Instrumental Understanding

A new year, a new role.

Extending mathematical understanding (EMU) is a mathematical intervention program utilised in a number of dioceses around Australia. The aim of the program is to accelerate student growth while diagnosing students' mathematical difficulties Gervasoni (2012). In the past five weeks I have been getting to know my stage two students for the year but also getting … Continue reading A new year, a new role.

When you know better… you do better! 6 resources that have impacted on my teaching or classroom in 2020

There's times throughout your teaching career that people show you resources or websites which really blow your mind. You vow that they are the resources that you'll use everyday. But eventually, in the business of everyday they often get left behind. Here are the resources that have assisted me in 2020. Into The Book This … Continue reading When you know better… you do better! 6 resources that have impacted on my teaching or classroom in 2020

You want to watch me teach!? I’m not ready!

Does the fear of someone watching you teach send chills down your spine? What about co-teaching beside someone that has much more expertise than you? Something that the St Luke's philosophy has always been founded on is a coaching model for teachers. This has meant that instructional coaches are employed with a smaller teaching load … Continue reading You want to watch me teach!? I’m not ready!

Stepping Back Into the Unknown

https://twitter.com/angelaryall02/status/1259443649516978177 Today, I returned to school with most of my students after what seems like an eternity. I retweeted this quote on twitter last week as a reminder to myself as a stepped back into what seemed like a media swirl of information overload and colleagues who were anxious and stressed about what could be … Continue reading Stepping Back Into the Unknown