What’s your USP?

If you are in the business world, you may have heard of an USP. It’s often described as your unique selling point. Something that makes you different from similar products on the market.

Entrepreneur Asia Pacific describes it as ‘the reason why one product or service is different to another.’ This week in the media we heard Dominic Perrottet suggest performance pay for teachers and an extra year of free education prior to commencing kindy in NSW. The scope of education seems to be changing.

St Luke’s has many USPs. Many are so in our face everyday, that we sometimes forget they exist. We have become accustomed to them. An example of this are the agile learning spaces. The ability to ‘flex up and down’ daily for different groups, situations and learning experiences is a USP of St Luke’s. Another could be the K-12 setting with a diverse learning needs school and Early Learning Centre all on site.

Some of St Luke’s USPs are the things you see over social media. Our selling points. The elements of the day to day that we are proud to promote. The ones you can’t miss if you do a simple search – they hit you across the face. Some of these elements include Friday Feedback half days; where every student gets individual feedback each week, pathways for senior students; and a focus on capabilities rather than grades which is demonstrated through our six pillars of learning.

The last of area of our USPs is the subtle elements, where if you blink, you could miss them. The past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to interview kindergarten parents and students for 2023. As part of the interview process we ask ‘Why have you chosen St Luke’s for your child’s education?’ The responses, although varied, form a part of our subtle elements.

My child, an older sibling, comes home happy everyday.

I heard your principal speak on the future of the work force, it resonated with me.

Everything you stand for as a school, creating a new normal, that is what we want for our child.

We just love St Luke’s, I can’t imagine sending my child anywhere else.

So, while people out of education often make comments on what should change in schools and many have valid underlying elements, I also think at times we forget our USPs. We forget the USPs that hit us in the face when we open social media but more so we forget the subtle USPs that can sneak up on us. The ones that we may blink and miss. While there are many things that need to change in the education sector, there is also great schools doing great things.

We have many unique selling points that need to be celebrated.

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