ETL523 – Reflection

Before this subject if you asked my about the term digital learning environment I probably would have provided an answer using my prior knowledge of the words. My definition would have stemmed from the belief that a digital learning environment is a space where students can learn online, perhaps merely referring to 'Google Classroom' or … Continue reading ETL523 – Reflection

OLJ: Reflective Statement

Throughout the subject of INF506 social media for professionals we have contributed to and discussed the changing face of social media. The subject has highlighted various aspects of social media as well as highlighting the need for more knowledge around the ethics associated with current platforms. How, or if, your views on social networking have … Continue reading OLJ: Reflective Statement

OLJ Task 17: Thoughts for the Future

Choose one of the resources above and write a 400 word analysis that addresses the following issues: Schaefer, M. (2018). The future of social media marketing.¬†Retrieved from¬† What is the potential for the future of an organisation you are familiar with. What impact might the future have on us as information professionals. I chose to … Continue reading OLJ Task 17: Thoughts for the Future