Bliss out on Learning

Blog time rolls around for term 1, 2022. Over my years at St Luke’s, I’ve had to write a just a couple of blogs.

In 2018 I published Into the Deep as my first blog where I reflected on the wild journey I was about to embark on. Over the 2019 break I had the chance to visit Barcelona as part of a professional learning trip – hence Barcelona! was written. Team teaching became a highlight of 2020 when I was in a team teaching team of 3 teachers and wrote a blog titled 3s a charm! And to round out my ‘first blogs of the year’ in 2021 I wrote A New Year, A New Role.

Which brings me to the start of 2022, which could have also been titled A New Year, A New Role. In 2022, I have stepped into an Instructional Leadership role predominantly placed in the Stage 1 space. In an effort to learn all I can, my amazon orders have gone through the roof and I’m currently listening to the Coaching In Education Podcast. It was through the podcast that I came across the title of my blog – Bliss Out on Learning. Essentially, what we want for all our students – to bliss out on the learning. Jim Knight coined the phrase and I love it!

This week, we looked at what makes the coaching model at St Luke’s. Through exploring some resources through the AITSL Coach Others Resource we discussed the need for relational trust and some key qualities of a good coach. These qualities have always been part qualities of colleagues who I’ve admired but have also made a difference to my teaching practice.

Over the past 5 weeks, I’ve had deeper conversations then I ever have had in my career. (Shout out to MB for being my sounding board,) as I’ve asked ‘Why?’ or ‘What’s the reason?’ more times than I can recall. In an attempt to back myself with research and understanding I’ve also been reading. As we move into hopefully a more stable period of time at school, I’m stepping into the classroom to work shoulder to shoulder with teachers. While I’m definitely feeling the dreaded imposter syndrome, I’m excited at the opportunities this creates. The potential to shift learning outcomes for our students through direct work with teachers excites me.

So please excuse the next year, while I bliss out on my learning journey and hopefully assist teachers to promote our students to do the same.


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