Assignment 1 – Journal Blog Task

I often visit a local café not only on my weekends but sometimes during the week in an attempt to get some work done. The particular café is often busy, with people bustling in to get a coffee on the run or stopping on for a meal with friends. Problem As I sit at a … Continue reading Assignment 1 – Journal Blog Task

Rhyming words with Spheros!

Recently I wrote a blog about using ozobots in literacy. I also recently had a play with Sphero's with my literacy group and thought I'd share the resources. This lesson was inspired by Peter Abt's presentation at EDUtech 2018 about using sight words - you can find that lesson on his website. The lesson … Continue reading Rhyming words with Spheros!

Assignment 1 – Reflective Journal

“It has been suggested that digital literature for children may be beneficial to supplement oral and print literacies, especially for early years’ students (Ciampa, 2012, p. 128)” This quote early in the module had my intrigued of the possibilities of this subject. I have a very narrow understanding of current knowledge and practices in the … Continue reading Assignment 1 – Reflective Journal

Using Ozobots to teach comprehension strategies

  In the last couple of weeks of Term I went in search of activities that would help my  Stage 1 students learn how to look at a section of text and pick out the 'who, what, when, where and how.' A comprehension strategy which would allow them to look at the components of a … Continue reading Using Ozobots to teach comprehension strategies

Inquiry Learning – My five takeaways

Over the past four weeks I have been delving into a personal inquiry project into inquiry learning.  This learning journey was an opportunity to dive deeper into inquiry mindsets and how we could foster this within our classrooms. Through this time I have come across many worthy comments, articles, blogs and strategies about how teachers … Continue reading Inquiry Learning – My five takeaways