The Why

Lately, as the term tapers off to an end and we start to prepare for term four I’ve been reflecting on my “why.” I can’t believe that as I sit here typing this we have one more term to go until, after another year, we farewell our students and look forwards to the anticipation of having a new group of students sitting in front of us.

At St Luke’s however, the story is a little different. In my first year at St Luke’s I taught stage one before moving up this year to teach stage 2. This means for some of the students in my class this year I have taught them for two years in a row. Now who knows what 2020 will bring but there is a chance I will have some students for a third year or receive students in my class that I taught in stage 1 and will teach again in stage 2. As a teacher, generally you see growth. It’s one of my whys. To see small snippets throughout the year and to look back and what a single student has achieved is amazing. However, for me the story is different, I have got to witness young boys and girls mature and grow over two years. From students who were not fluent readers who can now confidently and articulately share their learning after researching and processing information on their own. Other students who have grown in their social-emotional capacity to interact and develop friendships which I’m sure will last them a lifetime. This is the why.

The other day in the staffroom we were discussing year 12 graduations. The time when a student finishes their schooling life, but with fingers and toes crossed, hopefully not their learning life. As I sit back and watch the St Luke’s story unfold, a chapter at a time, I am honoured that I get to watch students life stories unfold from our little three year olds at the Catholic Early Learning Centre to the time they reach the end of their schooling life. It is a unique perspective and one that I am absolutely loving being a part of!


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