Oh What a Year!

2020 blogs are wrapping up for the year and oh what a journey it has been. When I think back to writing 3’s a charm at the start of the year it feels like an absolute lifetime ago. In March Covid-19 rolled around and I reflected by writing A Letter From a Teacher as our students went into lock down for what we thought could be the rest of the year. So as I wrap up my third year as part of the St Luke’s family, I went on the hunt for some reflection questions.

1. What did you accomplish this year—big and small, planned and unplanned?

Initially surviving was my first thought, but I’ve achieved a lot in what can only be described as ‘a year.’ I welcomed around 8 students to my class throughout the year and finished the year with a 3/4 cohort I’ll be sad to see go. I planned to make working as a three work the best I could and we’ve finished the year better than ever. While social problems always seem to crop up towards the end of the year, I’m also proud of what we have accomplished through a re-introduction of cooperative learning to focus on our students relating to others.

2. How did you challenge yourself to grow this year?

I think the world challenged me to grow more than I could ever challenge myself. I had to adapt while supporting students in our care and pivot on many occasions. I challenged myself in my teaching of writing to allow all my writing tasks to be low floor, high ceiling through the very excellent coaching support of Mark Bennett. Lastly, I challenged myself to keep up gratitude journaling and while this only lasted til mid-way through lockdown it is definitely still something I actively seek to think about.

3. What new opportunities came out of difficulties you faced?

Through pivoting and supporting my students through online learning I now more than ever focus on students wellbeing. I often catch myself thinking about what is important and putting student wellbeing over the push through curriculum. I also have continued to use tools such as seesaw to assist students in anyway we can. This was seen through the continuation of feedback comments and instructional videos for parents and students alike.

4. What did you learn you need?

I learnt I need a strong support team. A cheer squad and to be a cheer squad to others. I wouldn’t have gotten through this year without my grade partners, stage leader, my partner and family. Being an adult has been tough this year, but supporting little humans while dealing with the world has put a mental strain on all of us.

GO TEAM! - Happy Minion | Make a Meme

5. What can you let go of that didn’t serve you?

This is a tough one for me, but the expectations I put on myself are sometimes unrealistic and often unachievable. What a win it will be for 2021 if I can place that to the side and be proud of what I am capable of without the expectations – small steps.

And that’s a wrap on 2020 blogs. I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings with a few changes coming my way. Anythings got to be better than 2020, right?!


Questions from 5 end of Year Reflection Questions

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