OLJ Task 17: Thoughts for the Future

Choose one of the resources above and write a 400 word analysis that addresses the following issues:

Schaefer, M. (2018). The future of social media marketing. Retrieved from https://businessesgrow.com/2018/03/05/future-of-social-media-marketing/

  1. What is the potential for the future of an organisation you are familiar with.
  2. What impact might the future have on us as information professionals.

I chose to reflect on the The Future of Social Media Marketing article as it highlights a range of issues which are pertinent to schools facing rapid changes (Schaefer, M. 2018).  The article has chosen ten top things or aspects of marketing that they think will change in the coming years.

Number 5: The Skills Gap

In number 5 Schaefer (2018) discusses the skills gap over the coming years within the marketing industry.

“In my estimation, here are the top three skills that will be required of marketers in the coming years:

  1. Data and analytics (Great marketing starts with data, not Facebook posts!)
  2. Digital advertising (the days of organic reach are over)
  3. An ability to quickly assess changes in the marketing world and adjust and adapt” (Schaefer, 2018).

Within the education system this can translate to adaptability and the ability to solve problems. In an article on Teaching and Assessing General Capabilities Scoular and Heard (2018) discuss the often unbound tasks and open ended nature of work within 21st century classrooms. When discussing marketing and social media how can we prepare students to be literacy and numeracy competent while also teaching skills and capabilities required for the changing world? The answer lies within the Australian General Capabilities.

Number 9 & 10 – Artificial Intelligence and Smart Speakers

I found it interesting that one of the first lines within the article was “AI is going to touch everything we do” (Schaefer, 2018). The article goes on to discuss three ways in which AI may effect future careers. If you search “AI” in google the three articles below will appear as top stories.

Google Search Results “AI” 20th May 2019

How does this effect the world we live in? How does this effect our students lives?  What changes with this technology?

When reflecting back on OLJ 14 where I discussed what is private and what is public it is an interesting aspect to discuss how artificial intelligence will effect public and private. If Samsung is able to fabricate a video of you based on a public profile picture what could be the implications if this technology is placed in the wrong hands?

The Future

The future is unknown but any indication from Schaefer and other articles online will tell you that changes will be rapid. Artificial Intelligence will form part of our everyday life as we ask Siri or Alexa to do jobs for us. Discussing how this impacts on schools and education sectors is the first step in deciding what needs to change to adapt to the changing world.


Scoular, C & Heard, J. (2018). Teaching and Assessing General Capabilities. Retrieved from https://www.teachermagazine.com.au/articles/teaching-and-assessing-general-capabilities 

Schaefer, M. (2018). The future of social media marketing. Retrieved from https://businessesgrow.com/2018/03/05/future-of-social-media-marketing/

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