OLJ Task 4: Twitter Feeds

Digital Education Research Network @derntwits

1. What type of content does this organisation tweet (and retweet)? Describe some tweets from the feed that are of particular interest to you.

2. What is the target audience of this Twitter feed? Do you think the organisation has a successful Twitter presence? Why? why not?

The Digital Education Research Network (DERN) twitter page posts about the use of digital technologies in relation to education. They post about once a week and retweet in about the same increments. They currently have approximately 2200 followers and have had a twitter presence since 2010. Most of the content on the twitter stream is Australian however this is occasionally a mix of worldwide content. The narrative of the twitter page this year has been around the topic of STEM and artificial intelligence.



The bio on the DERN twitter page states that is aims to provide information for educators, researchers and leaders. While the content of the feed is of interest to myself as a teacher studying Digital Innovation, the irregular nature of the posts means that they fail to capture their target audience. Their social media presence could be improved through a more frequent presence which could be achieved through an automatic posting program.  DERN’s twitter feed retweets from accurate sources such as The Association of Independent Schools and AITSL. This contributes to the overall reliability of the micro blog.

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