Part C: Critical Reflection INF533

My learning throughout the subject of INF533 has allowed a deeper focus on digital texts and the literature that is present in digital environments. The overall theme of the modules flowed seamlessly from knowledge acquisition to an understanding of the practical components associated with digital literature. In my initial reflections on the discussion forum I … Continue reading Part C: Critical Reflection INF533

Assignment 2 Digital Text 3

The Life Without Power is an interactive journalism article which reports on life in Puerto Rico without power since Hurricane Maria (Hernández, Leaming, & Murphy, 2017). It includes sound, visuals, text and interactive features throughout and provides an immersive experience for the reader. Lamb labels Life Without Power as transmedia story telling which includes a … Continue reading Assignment 2 Digital Text 3

Assignment 1 – Reflective Journal

“It has been suggested that digital literature for children may be beneficial to supplement oral and print literacies, especially for early years’ students (Ciampa, 2012, p. 128)” This quote early in the module had my intrigued of the possibilities of this subject. I have a very narrow understanding of current knowledge and practices in the … Continue reading Assignment 1 – Reflective Journal