Practice makes perfect

This blog comes from the work of Kath Murdoch and Trevor MacKenzie. It is not my work but rather a compilation of important points from reading The Power of Inquiry.   9 inquiry practices to implement in your classroom today.   Start with questioning your practice How well do I know my students as people? Do I know … Continue reading Practice makes perfect

Guest Colloquium – Dr Ross Todd

Concerns around the future of education: How do we move forward? How do we cater for students who are born into a cyborg nation? Break down of boundaries between human and machine Technology is playing a critical role in challenging the ideas and notions that shape our very beings How do we engage with technology with … Continue reading Guest Colloquium – Dr Ross Todd

OLJ Task 17: Thoughts for the Future

Choose one of the resources above and write a 400 word analysis that addresses the following issues: Schaefer, M. (2018). The future of social media marketing. Retrieved from What is the potential for the future of an organisation you are familiar with. What impact might the future have on us as information professionals. I chose to … Continue reading OLJ Task 17: Thoughts for the Future