Whose image is it anyway?

I wrote this reflection during our 2020 staff spirituality day and came across it again recently.


I was recently asked to reflect on my image of God causing this slightly different blog post. As I sat in a large room, people shared about how their image had been sculpted over time to form their image of God.

We then had some silent time in which I started to write down my thoughts and questions…

Who developed my image of God?

Who owns the image? Do I? Or have the people who have formed the image? 

How can my image of God become my image?

Upon reflection on this and with some discussion people talked about a Simpsons representation or Michael Angelos representation. I began to think about my students. What would their image of God be? Who’s developing their image? I went around in circles but came back to a saying that I relate to ‘if not you, then who?’ If through my teaching of a new Religious Education Curriculum, I don’t allow students to develop an understanding of a thoughtful, welcoming and all inclusive God then who will? 

Simpson’s Representation – Source: Google

How can we develop an image of God that our students will then, hopefully, one day own. 

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