Guest Colloquium – Rocket Shoes

Last week we had the privilege of having a guess colloquium with the owners of Rocket Shoes. The colloquium focused on a range of topics from owner IP to how block chain with change the way we view student work and their rights over the work. Some of my takeaways from the colloquium are as follows:

Platform Agnostic & Cloud Agnostic – Kieran Nolan discussed how within his school they are both platform and cloud agnostic meaning students can chose the best device and platform for the task they are completing. It did raise questions for me how teachers would deal with finding great applications across multiple platforms and teaching across a range of platforms.

Block Chain Agnostic – this discussion was my first interaction with block chain and developing my knowledge. The picture below was used to highlight the difference between what we currently use as part of web 2.0 and what the switch would be to web 3.0 and block chain technology.

Future Focused – A large part of the presentation was discussing Kieran’s work in his current setting. The picture below is a screen shot from the presentation discussing how work will look in 2028. It is constantly refreshing to consider that people within the education sector are thinking forward to what the future should and can look like.


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