Dr Lyn Hay Colloquium

Dr Lyn Hay presented at the second colloquium meeting of INF537. She is responsible for leading u!magine at Charles Sturt University and has been instrumental in putting in placing the universities Incubation and Innovation policy.

The main contents of Dr Lyn’s presentation was focussing on the connection and contribution of edtech startups and schools. Dr Lyn highlighted the mutual benefits of connecting with edtech startups including:

  • apps / platforms being designed to suit your schools needs;
  • it allows students and colleagues access to technology which could be mainstream within the coming years; and
  • they want educators as part of their pitch as an authentic audience.

Some useful information and links for some current trials are listed below:

Feedback Fruits

  • www.feedbackfruits.com 
  • Plugs into your LMS 
  • Greatest impact but big disruption 
  • Mainly targeting universities at this point 
  • Workflow videos that show what it looks like from both sides (academics and students)
  • Different plugins for LMS 


  • www.rocketshoes.io 
  • Presenting next week
  • Block Chain Technology 
  • Controls how digital assets are managed and used



  • www.moxiereader.com 
  • Inspiring Independent Readers and engage
  • Social networking attached 
  • Targeting schools but also parents 


  • www.talihealth.com 
  • NDIS funding 
  • Supports kids with ADHD 
  • 5 week program that helps train kids to develop core attention skills


The presentation was a useful insight in some of the innovative ways schools can be connecting with the entrepreneurs within our country and create real life authentic connections. Additionally it was beneficial to hear that many of the edtech startups want to get advice from schools to build their knowledge and understanding of the teaching and learning environment as well as current pedagogical issues.

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