INF537 – Colloquium 1

Julie Lindsay

In the first colloquium for INF537 it was a good insight into how a colloquium works. Julie discussed her work and what had led her to the position she is currently in.

QUESTION – Would your school be able to access padlet?

My school would be able to access padlet as we are BYOD from stage 2. As an educator I can see the benefits of using padlet to connect around the world and with other educators in rich discussions.

QUESTION – Why do educational professionals find it hard to collaborate?

This question was posed by the peer leaders which I thought was an interesting question. As a prominent user of twitter with many global connections I find it interesting that some educators don’t access the incredible global collaboration network. However I can see how or more so why some educators may find it hard:

  • From some stand points some educators still think they have to have all the answers – this makes collaboration hard
  • Barriers to collaboration world wide due to the timezones different cultures
  • As Julie suggested, if one doesn’t want to none are allowed to

Key Terms

Positivism – based on statistics / either right or wrong sometimes known as quantitative

Post-positivism – based more on thoughts otherwise known as qualitative

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