There is always something to be grateful for…

  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


Often we get stuck in a rut. We think about all we have to do, the problems we still have to solve and the struggles we face daily.

As we wound down to the end of the term I found myself struggling to get up in the morning. I was dragging my feet and feeling slugish and as I got sick with my first flu of the year I was feeling flat. As I listened to a podcast about morning routines, gratefulness was mentioned. So I made a change – every morning I started waking up and writing down three things I was grateful for. Let me just confirm that this didn’t make me bounce out of my bed and jump into the showing smiling happily. However, I minimised my screen time and before I walked out the door to start my day I had written down three things that I was grateful for, either for that day or the day before.

This week we packed up our classroom. We spent two huge days moving and setting up our new space. It’s not done yet and there will definitively be days spent at school or at home throughout the holidays continuing to sort and set up. For this – I could choose to see all the things we still have yet to do. The marking that didn’t quite get done. The routines that we will have to again instill. The assessments that still need to get marked. However over past two days I have just had an overwhelming sense of gratefulness.

So here are three things from the past term I am grateful for:

I have the opportunity to work in a state of the art building with beautiful furniture that supports learning and engages students. Yes, not everything matches but the learning space inspire. I walk in and feel a sense of calmness and welcome. It is amazing, and beautiful.

My amazing grade partners have been beside me every step of the way. We support each other, push each others, challenge each other but most importantly help each other. I am grateful to be surrounded by gracious and supportive people.

I cherish the chance, everyday, to work with families and at a school that allows us to try and achieve more for our students. I am grateful for the ability to try things and succeed but even more to try things and fail.



What are the three things you are grateful for today?



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