three quarters gone

It’s such a strange thing to feel as though I have almost been at St Luke’s a full twelve months. The job advertisements have just started for the 2019 school year (and yes you should apply) and it is a bizarre feeling to think that in a few weeks time we will begin the orientation for the new teachers and we will somehow be ‘experts.’

The other day I was asked two simple questions;

“What has been your greatest challenge this year?” but also

“What has been your greatest joy this year?”

And without being preemptive and wishing the year away, it was a good opportunity to stop and reflect on the year so far. There have been many times this year when I’ve felt the bumps in the road. Sometimes the bumps have been small and merely been a learning process. Other times the bumps have thrown me entirely off course and  made me set about a new course of action to get back to the path I was once on.

But with every bump there has also been great triumphs. Sometimes the plane we have been building is flying. Sometimes only temporarily with a need for a new part or a change of approach. Other times the plane has been flying for what feels like long periods of time, as we come to understand our roles and the jigsaw puzzle.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to welcome aboard some new team members onto our plane for the 2019 school year. To see how they can assist in building the plane and how we can help them have fewer bumps in the road.

As I wind up term three finishing with what seems to be an “airy fairy” blog post, I always appreciate the time blogs give me to reflect. With all the analogies in check, it is time to stop and take stock. To get ready for another wild term and come back ready to fire, to reload and set our aim high.


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