Using Ozobots to teach comprehension strategies


In the last couple of weeks of Term I went in search of activities that would help my  Stage 1 students learn how to look at a section of text and pick out the ‘who, what, when, where and how.’ A comprehension strategy which would allow them to look at the components of a sentence or groups of words and understand what they are reading.

We looked at rich text which we broke down and used coloured markers to circle the key aspects. After we had done this a couple of times I was after an activity that I could put into their independent rotations that they could complete with a partner.


And what did I come up with? Using ozobots in a story map format! The lesson details are below along with a link to the story map template and the weeks worth of lessons.

Purpose: To identify that good authors embed who, what, when, where and how in their stories.

Learning Intention: I am learning to identify groups of words that help me comprehend a story.

Success Criteria:

I can:

  • identify words that assist me in knowing what is taking place
  • Comprehend what is happening within the story
  • See how good authors use groups of words to help me comprehend the story



The resources are made for the NSW Curriculum but I’m sure you could change to suit your own state / country.

Lesson Plan

Story Map



Hopefully some other students can love this lesson as much as mine did!

Feel free to share some pictures @angelaryall02 if you give it a go.




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