Digital Essay Proposal

The Proposal

  1. Proposal topic


‘How do we as teachers, prepare students to engage in a digital world, by leveraging evolving tools?’


  1. Proposed digital tools and/or spaces to be used


I propose to use google sites as my base for my digital essay. Within this tool I intend to branch out and use a range of tools to not only enhance my essay but to model the evolving tools that are available to our students to prepare them for the digital world. I was very interested to hear about adobe spark and therefore want to endeavour to use this for some aspect of my presentation.


  1. 250 word rationale for topic focus for the multi-modal essay


After delving into module 6, a little earlier then scheduled, I was drawn to the future of education and how my current context in a pre to post school environment supports students. My initial proposal was

‘How do we as teachers, prepare students for the futures of learning, using information sources, tools and an understanding of the communities of learners?’

However, I was a little concerned the topic is too broad. After posting the topic into the forum and receiving feedback from Sam and Julie I refined my topic to my final proposal of ‘How do we as teachers, prepare students to engage in a digital world, by leveraging evolving tools?’ I originally included the word technologies instead of tools but on further reading I settled on tools. This topic will allow me to utilise my current contextual knowledge while delving deeper into how tools can support students. Early in the modules I came across the term ‘digital natives’ and the term has really resonated with me throughout the modules. By including a focus on students engaging in a digital world I will be able to explore how we can foster this knowledge in students and push them beyond the realms they currently know.


I am excited to use my own knowledge base and professional experience to enhance my knowledge on digital tools which can be used to engage students in a digital world.

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