Assignment 3: Game Proposal

Title: Sight Word Slam


Target: Year One Students


Learning Outcome: Draws on an increasing range of skills and strategies to fluently read, view and comprehend a range of texts on less familiar topics in different media and technologies EN1-4A (NSW Syllabus)


Platform: The game will be produced using scratch.


Game Proposal: My original proposal within the discussion forum was that Year 1 students would play a game of basketball (flick the ball to get it into the hoop) but they can only flick the ball once they have said the word to their multiplayer peer. My current idea would be that they play with a peer and have to say the word first to attain a point. This was still a work in progress because I would like it to be based around saying the word rather than spelling the word. I understand how to create a scoring system in scratch but the honesty system with young ones seemed a downfall. After receiving feedback from some other students within the discussion forum I have tweaked my game concept. The game will have three basketballs bouncing around the screen and clicking on the correct spelling of the sight word will result in the ball going towards the hoop and cheers being played. If the incorrect ball is clicked the player will receive a ‘try again’ message. This will allow the game to become a single player game but also so there is no downfall with young students keeping score or having a go when the other player is incorrect.


Game Based Elements: 

Learning Mechanics

Scoring – Outcomes (Self Regulation) Players will be able to self regulate throughout the game based on their feedback in the form of scoring throughout the game.

Game Mechanics:

Levelling Up – Players will have the chance for the game to progressively become harder as they move through levels. This will be in the form of more challenging sight words.



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