Halfway There

What a whirlwind the first two terms of the year have been! Caught between the constant struggle of ‘have I done enough?’ and ‘it can wait until tomorrow’ has not become any easier in the 20 week of school I have now taught.

I’ve struggled a lot in the first two terms with the am I doing enough question. I don’t think this is a reflection on my ability and not necessarily even a sign of self doubt. Rather I believe it is an indication of the sheer work load teachers endure daily. In the first two terms of my teaching career I’ve not felt I’ve had a full week when I’ve stopped and said – yes this is teaching. I’ve had glimpses – yes. But a full week where I have stopped and enjoyed it… I’m still waiting for that.

#aussieED chat this week was based upon eduwins and edufails. Being almost at the half way point I thought I’d reflect on my journey so far.


The moment you step back and “smell the roses.” My cohort of students has come so far in various aspects of their learning. They are starting to perceive themselves as learners and take on small aspects of that responsibility. They’ve also come a huge way in understanding technology as a learning tool not as an entertainment tool and this is an exciting journey to be apart of.

On a professional note, I am proud of how I have developed as a teacher in the first two terms. I feel my behaviour management is getting stronger and I am more likely to take risks in how I am teaching. I feel supported in my team and this has a huge impact on how we take steps forward to have #eduwins.


Sometimes I’m a little too much happiness and glitter and lack some perspective. You can’t move mountains overnight and I’ve definitely come to this realisation more than once over the course of the two terms. My other #edufail is taking children’s behaviour to heart and recognising that it is not a reflection on my own teaching ability. The management after the event is however so I’ve made a conscious effort to put more thought into the after.

So with almost two terms down – my wrap up is somewhat short and sweet. There’s been moments of bliss and moments of lows. But I’m stopping halfway up my mountain to look at the view before I keep preserving to get to the top.



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